Revolutionizing Commercial Real Estate

Technology has the ability to change the way data is collected
Blockchain will make CRE data search and transactions seamless

Globalized World, Reach Global Markets

Every person in the world will be able to aggregate CRE data on the secure, open-source Knotel Blockchain Protocol, creating a way to reach global markets that were previously impenetrable.

Open and Transparent Listings Search Verified CRE Listings

Efficient and independent search for office space is impossible due to fragmented listing data. Knotel will use revolutionary blockchain technology to ensure that every listing on our platform is accurate, eliminating misinformation and price inflation.

Seamless Transactions with Smart Contracts

Near real-time settlement of recorded transactions will remove friction and reduce risk during the rental and buying services, which will also limit the ability to charge back and cancel transactions.

How KnotelKoin Works?

Facilitate Secure Transactions

Network Participation Rewards

Blockchain Opportunities and Challenges

Our KnotelKoin Whitepaper takes a deeper dive into the ways blockchain technology can create opportunities within the commercial real estate industry. We look at five use cases for improving the leasing and purchase process through the use of blockchain

  • Improve property search process
  • Expedite pre-lease due diligence and information verification
  • Ease leasing and subsequent property and cash flow management
  • Transparent and cheaper property title management
  • Enable more efficient processing of financing and payments